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Les Mines de la Brutz

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The archives inventory continues. This database is already one of the largest in Western France. The ERDF funding should improve storage.


Tests for the scanning of large documents have been carried out by a professional photographer. The results are very satisfactory and will allow for the on-site scanning of fragile documents, which cannot be transported.



The Association was extremely sad to lose one of its oldest members, Marcel Dubourg, 78 years old, who died in a tragic accident. Marcel was one of the first founders of the association, to which he devoted a great deal of his time. His experience in equipment and mining in general was invaluable. Here, he can be seen at the controls of our RB 22 cable shovel that he and his colleague Aimé Ferron, repaired after 20 years of disuse.


The exhibition building is undergoing a major overhaul. On the ground floor, the reproduction of a mine and mine face has made great progress, a mineralogy and palaeontology room is also planned and both of these will be ready for the last meeting of the ATLANTERRA project to be held in the Mines de la Brutz. The first floor is being re-designed; the new display, which required a great deal of time to produce the texts and illustrations due to the educational content, will be complete for the inauguration on 15th June where the Green Mines ATLANTERRA project will be mentioned.