Commune de Noyant-la-Gravoyère

Noyant-la-Gravoyère est une commune du Maine et Loire disposant d’un riche passé minier. On y a extrait l’ardoise et le fer. Les principaux sites sont pour l’Ardoise : la Gâtelière (anciennes Ardoisières Angevines de St Blaise, aujourd’hui « la Mine Bleue ») et Misengrain (exploité au moins depuis le XVIIème siècle jusqu’en 1999).

Pour le fer, il s’agit du secteur du Bois où l’on a retrouvé des traces d’extraction du haut Moyen-Âge. L’exploitation industrielle du fer s’est développée autour de la concession du Bois de 1874 à 1985.




ADRAL – Alentejo Regional Development Agency is the result of a wide partnership, composed by an ensemble of entities, both public and private, working on several areas of activity. One of the major tasks of ADRAL is the cooperation with all the local actors, promoting common initiatives and projects settled on partnership spirit that inspires it and that is considered to constitute one crucial element to accomplish successfully the proposed objectives. ADRAL, S.A. is a regional structure with 68 partners/ shareholders by now, both public and private, with relevant experience in all sectors of economic, social research and development activities, geographically spread and deeply acquainted of local and regional reality. With five years of existence, the agency assumes a clear mission: to contribute to the promotion, divulgation and development of Alentejo region.
• Constitution Date: 18th June 1998
• Legal Status: Joint Stock Company
• Initial Fully Paid-up Capital: 499 000€
• Special Features: Embracing and multi sectorial partnership/ public/ private partnership
• It comprises the major actors of the region
• Balance among: Public Organizations/ Local authorities/ Private entities.
General Aims
To reinforce the international position of the region;
To contribute for the valuation and development of the regional productive base;
To promote Innovation and Qualification; to reach high levels of social cohesion, promoting and qualifying employment as well as creating future perspectives for young people in the region;
To stimulate initiative in order to create innovative (creative) ways of social mobilization and institutional co-operation towards development.
Specific Aims
To affirm the identity of ADRAL as well as its initiative skills;
To avoid the overlapping with the other actors and entities;
To establish partnerships that can maximize the skills of ADRAL and the application of the subsidiary principle where it does fit;
To maximize the earning of funds and incomes concerning its activity;
To promote and settle partnerships (national and international ones) in order to improve synergies in what others are doing;
To advance in a suitable way according to the internal skills, giving advantage to the visible actions motivating the agents of the region, affirming the agency and generating incomes;
To take profit of the competitive advantages of the region as a strategic concept for regional development.
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Praceta Rainha D. Leonor, n.º1, 7800-431 Beja
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Pólo do Norte Alentejano:
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