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Example of table with data in page 2 of 1861 volume of "Estadística Minera de España" (the first volume of Mining Statistics of Spain)
Example of table with data in the first issue (1861)

Mining journal digitization

IGME has completed the scanning with optical character recognition (OCR) of the journal “Estadística minera de España” spanning from 1861 to 2009.

The journal is now available on the web for search and browse by clicking the image.


There are two distinct periods in the evolution of “Mining statistics of Spain”:


- Tables with data for each mine: production, employment, economic value of production, consumption of explosives, etc.

- Detailed report for each province: mines inventoried, companies, mining facilities, workshops, accidents, comments on the evolution trends for each year, etc.


- The only text is the foreword and the index

- Time series for the last 5 years include the total national production for:

  • Energetics (coal, uranium, oil and gas)
  • Metalic ores (cooper, iron, gold, etc.)
  • Industrial minerals (fluorite, quartz, feldspar, etc.)
  • Limestone, sand and gravel, gypsum, clays, dimensional stones, etc.

- Production of each substance per province:

  • Tonnes, laws (% content), working people (men-women), production value
  • Consumption: energy, explosives, water, etc.
  • Investments

- Destination of the production: metallurgy, cements, construction, chemical industries, exports, etc.